Glacial Trail Scenic Byway

Iowa Lakes Resource Conservation & Development
Brandy Hoffert, Byway Coordinator
(712) 262-2083

The Little Sioux River Valley and the glaciers formed hills that provide a picturesque landscape through this corridor. The rolling hills present viewpoints and vistas to the traveler whether on foot, bicycle, car, truck, or RV.

This 36-mile loop takes some surprising turns.  Visitors will encounter rolling plains of glacial drift, which create spectacular views of rolling hills, forested river valleys, prairies, the Little Sioux River, and the communities of Peterson and Linn Grove in Northwest Iowa.  Also, in the corridor, a traveler might see rising from the horizon like flowers, modern steel windmills providing an alternative, renewable energy source for homes and businesses in the area.

The Glacial Trail Scenic Byway highlights the best of northwest Iowa with all its beautiful scenery and history as well as recreational opportunities.

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